How to remain unaffected by people or situations?

There are many situations in our life or people who try to drain our energy and for some reason try to pull ourselves down. Sometimes, they do things intentionally and unintentionally but it affects us badly. So what should we do in such situations?

We need to manage our emotional well being and stress because situations won’t always be favourable and according to our wishes.


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Meditation is always proven to be the best thing for any person who is in the middle of chaos. We often complicate meditation. But all you need is to focus on your breathing.


Sit alone without distraction


There are many instances when we spend time with others. We know that every relationship needs time but why do we ignore our relationship with ourselves? You give time to everyone but yourself. This very reason is disturbing you the most.


Give yourself time and space


We often think that everything should be managed quickly and within a span of time but we forget that everything needs time and things will happen at their own pace. So, relax and be calm without taking any stress in your life.


Analyse your problems


Whenever you are affected by people around you, they aren’t wrong as no one is wrong. They are acting in such a manner because of their choices and situations. You can’t change then but you can change the way you react or think because what is happening within you is totally dependent on you and no one else. So, analyse why you are getting affected by their conduct and being the solution for the same.

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