How to overcome your fear?

Fear is a pattern in your mind which does not let you do something. Many times, we don’t even recognise our fears which mostly arise because of our comfort zone. For instance – you have a fear of darkness. So, have you ever analysed why you have such fear? Maybe something happened in the past and you never get the courage to face your fear. You remain fearful. We all are imperfect and have flaws but the one who keeps trying hard to overcome stress is now considered as the better human.

Anyone can overcome fear but they need to follow simple steps and consistently work on it because nothing is impossible in this world. If a single person did something, you too can do the same.


Table of Contents

Recognise your fear


There are many people who aren’t even aware of their fear. So, the first step is to recognise your fear because you can’t overcome, which you aren’t aware of. You are a step ahead if you are already aware of your fear. Just sit alone without any distractions and think about your fears.


Analyze your fear


Now that you are able to know what your fear is. You’ll be able to overcome it. The second step is to analyze your fear and what would be the reason behind your fear, maybe some incident or anything which made you feel like this and created a long lasting effect on your mind.


Face it


We always try to run away from our fear. Generally Fear is imaginary. So, you can simply overcome it by facing it and see why you are fearful. Do what you are fearful of.


Increase your comfort zone


We often feel fearful because we like to be in our comfort zone. For instance – you like to stand with the crowd, that’s why you sit with the audience and you don’t like to be uncomfortable. So, you have a fear of public speaking. Generally, this is the reason. So, in such conditions, we can do things which we are fearful and try to increase our comfort zone.

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