How to move out of a relationship where you aren’t respected?

We often get involved in a relationship where you aren’t valued much or at least you are taken for granted and you want to leave the other person. But you don’t want to suffer the pain of separation. Sometimes due to lack of courage, you aren’t able to take action and sometimes deep inside you want the person to change or you are having hope that the person will respect you. Things get worse when the other person victimizes himself and depicts that you are wrong and you are at fault that’s why the other person isn’t respecting you.

But in reality we all know the truth. We know the person isn’t going to change and things can get even worse. So, it’s better to make a decision and move out of a relationship where you aren’t respected. Now, the question is how you can move on?


Don’t ignore your emotions


We often ignore our emotions or keep telling yourself that it doesn’t affect us or we are alone or listening to music or doing things & trying to keep ourselves busy. But this is not going to work. You need to accept that it’s okay to feel sad. Sadness is just an emotion which you need to overcome by facing it. You can’t move on without facing the pain. So, stop ignoring your emotions and face it with all your courage.


Engage in things important in your life


Sometimes we have many things to do in our life but due to the chaos we aren’t able to focus on them. So firstly, you need to confront everything and then take small steps and try to focus on your goal. Do remember the purpose of your life.



Remember the reason why you moved out of the relationship


We often forgive other people and that is a good thing to do but you need not to forget everything. Do remember why you moved out of the relationship and how much you have suffered. Obviously the situation would be very toxic that’s why you or the other person took that decision. So, before move in the relationship you need to remember everything and learn from the past mistakes.

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