How to minimize the addiction of playing games on the phone?

Before the advent of technology, or ten years back, people used to play outdoor games which are beneficial for their body as well as mind. But now, we can see everything crystal clear that children like to play games on the phone. It is not about children but the young generation or people of every generation are addicted to games. When we were children, we only knew two types of game – indoor and outdoor. Even indoor games doesn’t mean playing games on the phone, but chess, Ludo, carrom, etc. The distractions are one of the reasons behind depression and various other mental or physical disorders. When you play physical games the body releases hormones which makes the person happy. Initially you may feel tired but with the passage of time, you’ll see that you are more happy and healthy than you were before.

Now, what can we do to minimize the addiction of playing games on the phone ?


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Ask yourself – Is it adding value in your life?


We often forget our priorities, what we need to do, that is the reason why we become addicted and unable to come out of the trap. For instance – Just imagine you are on your deathbed, are you going to play games? Or Just imagine you are going for an exam and the examiner gave you a phone for 10 mins. Are you going to play a game or read something? You know what is important for you at that time then how you are unable to understand that playing games isn’t adding value in life and if it would be adding value then you would be happy playing it without giving a thought to give up.


Take it as a reward


If you accomplish all your tasks and goals then it doesn’t matter what you do the rest of the day. If you made a goal to study 2 hours, exercise and meditation. You complete your goal then just play games as much as you want. How is stopping you?

But playing games without completing your goal is a concern.

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