How to make balance in life?

Many of us are good at doing one thing, while we lack something else. One of the reasons behind this is we don’t give much attention to other aspects of life and that is absolutely okay to do so. You can’t prioritize everything in life because you have limited time and limited energy to do things. You can’t give attention to everything but what you can do is prioritize things so that you can give importance to what is needed the most. The following steps should be followed to make balance in life –


Categories every aspect of life and make a list


Make a list of things which you have to do or things you can’t avoid doing. For instance – Your college, or anything which you can’t amend. Then make a list of things which you want to do or necessary for you.

Then make a list of things of less importance or where you are spending most of your time.


Make a schedule


Now, the next thing is to analyze your list and make a schedule out of it. You have to be disciplined in your life then only you can make balance in life. There comes a time, when things aren’t in your control, then discipline helps you to keep moving.




There comes a time when you don’t feel like going or you fail but you need to understand that great things take time and when you keep practicing it and if you fail again and again then analyse the reason for your failure.


Never give up


It’s very common to feel stress or you want to quit everything and live your life as usual without any discipline but is it going to make you successful? Obviously ‘not’. For this, you need to keep moving without giving up.

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