How to make a balance in life?

Life is beautiful in its own way. Just do things which you like the most and soon you will realise that you are in heaven. But these feelings could not last longer when you do things from your regular routine. So, why is this happening? And obviously you need money to get things which you want in your life because without money you can’t buy anything in life. So, what do we need to do in such situations? The first thing you should do is make a balance in your life. So, as soon as you make balance you will realise that your life is much better than it could be.


Stop chasing happiness


When you live your life in an illusion then soon reality is going to hit you hard and when you will find yourself to be living a life which you never imagined. At that time people feel broken because they were chasing happiness. They were chasing something which need not be chased.


Make a schedule


You have to make a schedule so that you can devote your time according to the priority because you can’t do everything in your life. You need to decide things wisely. You have limited time and energy to devote. So, make a schedule and follow it accordingly.


Focus on heath set, heart set, soul set and mindset


There are four concepts which you need to focus on. Health set means you have to take care of your health by doing exercises, walking, yoga or just sweating in any other way but do something because our bodies are designed in a way to work hard.

Heart set means you have to take care of things which bring a smile on your face, which makes you smile. It could be a simple act of kindness or a walk or eating something you like, etc.

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