How to learn from negative things or people?

There are many instances when you can’t avoid any negative people or situations. Many are even addicted or like to watch web series, very often criminal or action. Some are considered as negative. But you don’t need to regret or think about how to avoid them. If you can learn from them then there is no need to either avoid negative people or situations or web series or anything. In India many of us are addicted to Crime Patrol, Savdhan India or many like them. Many offenders often confess that they learn how to execute their plan from such TV serials or some people state that they developed a criminal mentality after such a serial or become negative due to their surroundings.

No one can deny the fact that you become the person you are surrounded by. But you can surround yourself around amazing people by reading books and without even avoiding negative people or situations. Everyone of us is imperfect but no one can deny that everyone has something good in themselves and something we can learn from.

So, all you need is to learn from them and grow in such a way that their negative traits doesn’t affect you in any manner.


Observe the good in people


It’s obvious that you observed the negative trait in someone and that’s why you are considering the person to be negative. If you can see the negative trait then it’s obvious that you can see the positive too. All you need is to focus on good part


Focus and cherish the postive traits


Your mind will expand on anything you focus on. You rather than pointing out negative things, you can see the positive side. All of us have something positive in us and something negative.


Develop learning attitude


When you watch Crime Patrol or Savdhan India or any criminal web series. You can ask yourself what can I learn from this? If you regularly ask yourself this question, then you’ll observe yourself to be growing and learning.

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