How to keep yourself calm during a chaotic situation?

We all are living a life full of happiness, pain and Chaos. It is pretty common that you have to face struggle and pain then you will get happiness and the wheel will turn again. It is the nature of our life that you will get pain and happiness. You can’t get everything in our life. You have to sacrifice and make a decision. The decision will help you to become the most powerful person or the weakest one.

But sometimes you aren’t able to understand what to do and how you can come out of the situation. Sometimes you aren’t able to undo your own mistakes which cost you nothing less than your life. But all you have is regret or sometimes you aren’t even able to regret. This is the worst situation one could ever face but what we can do. All you can do is say to yourself that this time shall pass.


It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not. But you have to accept that there is an energy which is working in your favour. We call them God and you can give them any name but have to keep faith in them.

Free yourself from the baggage of your past

We all have regrets in our life because we don’t know what to do and when we are going to regret the act we did in the past. But if something happens then do every possible thing to make changes and if you aren’t able to change then move on. You can’t live your life with pain.

Work on yourself

We have to keep improving ourselves so that we can learn from our mistakes. Yes, we need to work on ourselves. Soon you will realise that you are just another person who you dream of.

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