How to find love in the job you are doing?

Everyone has their own passion and interest and we aren’t always able to do what we are passionate about. Passion doesn’t mean you are skilled in it, and this is one of the main reasons behind doing the job we aren’t passionate about. But you can’t live your life doing something you don’t love.

But you can love the job you do –


Analyse what you love to do


Firstly, you need to analyse what you are passionate about. You do many things in life but you don’t love everything. Just sit and analyse when you don’t see time or keep doing things with love and don’t feel exhausted.


Take a step forward and analyse whether you love your job or not


You did a great job by analysing your passion. Many aren’t able to do this in their whole life. Now, that you know what you are passionate about, you need to understand whether they love their job or not?

It may be possible that you are doing the job you love. So, you’ll move ahead when you came to know that you don’t love the job you are doing.


Quit and follow your passion or……


If you are skilled in what you love then you can take a calculated risk and quit the job you are doing and work for what you love. This is very simple to say but need courage to pursue. But once you pursue it and get successful, you don’t think about anything else thereafter.


Mingle things you love


But if you aren’t skilled enough or don’t find taking risk, then you can choose an alternate. It means you can mingle things. For instance – you love to sktech, then you can mingle your work with sketching. There are some projects where you can use your skills.

You can find a way, if you want to.

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