How to be grateful for everything you have?

Life is beautiful but the people and situations bring more happiness to you. Though happiness is within us, there are many external forces which bring pleasurable feelings to us. But are we grateful to them?

There are many instances when we don’t show our gratitude. It could be a job which paid your bills, or your friend to stand with you against all odds. Mostly, we take our parents for granted because they don’t ask anything from us, especially our mother. No matter what happens between you and our mother, at the end she will go to you and request you to eat something.

We are pampered by her the most and that is the reason we take her or our father for granted. But as we all know that we are mortal. So, one day or other we all will leave but the regret remains forever.

No matter whom you are taking for granted, you do regret it or it adversely affects your mental health. Gratitude helps us to understand how lucky we are.


But the question is how to be grateful for everything we have in our life? Here, in this article, you’ll get to know some easy and simple steps –


Count your blessings


Whenever you feel you are privileged or you get something which brings peace or happiness to you then recognise it. For instance – you are thristy and unable to get water but suddenly you get water. This is very frivolous to you. But isn’t it a blessing? You may die due to thrust (extreme).


Thank God for everything


Being grateful to good is the most kind thing we can do. It not only helps to be peaceful but also helps in spritual life. When you thank God for everything he do for you then soon, you’ll see that you are grateful to others. Sometimes you won’t even observe your positive bend of mind.


Maintain a Journal


Maintaining a Journal is very effective habit which can help a person to be successful. One should always maintain journal at night because you can write everything you are grateful for or something you learn after the long day. Within a passage of time, you’ll observe that you inculcated the habit of gratitude.

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