How can your absence increase your value?

We all know that if you will be available every time then people will take you for granted. It is the nature of humans. For instance – imagine you get something without much effort then are you going to treat it with care? There is less probability. But when you make an effort and then get something, you will give much attention and care to them. It is not about any tricks but we work in this way only. So, when you remain available for any person then the probability that you won’t be valued much is very high. So, what should one do? Always stay away from people so that they can understand your value? Obviously not.


If you observe the pattern of a relationship, then you can understand that initially two people in a relationship spend most of the time with each other and after sometime they start making distance. You know the reason why it happens? Sometimes, we call them fake or anything else.

But it is not their fault. It is a human tendency. When you don’t know each other, you’ll explore and thereafter you aren’t much interested. It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other or like each other. It only means the exploration time is over. And thereafter you should maintain some distance so that your love can be cherished.


Let the other person understand your value by not always being available to them. So, you can simply understand that when you have your food. You won’t understand its value but when you are hungry and don’t have anything to eat then only you are going to understand it’s value. Isn’t it the reality? We too behave in such a way but when someone takes us for granted. We blame them. Here, we need to understand that you should maintain some distance and let the person feel your absence.

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