How can you move on?

We all are aware of things happening around us but very few of us accept the reality because we aren’t having courage to face reality. You know why you aren’t able to move on? It is because we don’t accept reality. The day you’ll accept the situation soon you’ll realise that situations are getting better. But the problem is we find difficulty in accepting the situation. So, how we can accept the situation to move on out of any situation.

Break the illusion

We often have a dream life and start living in a fallacy which isn’t the reality. Obviously that is going to make you happy but it is not going to last forever because it never existed. So, it is better to accept the reality and not live in a fallacy.

Understand the nature of life

We want happiness but we avoid pain. But is it possible? Pleasure and pain are the past of life. What we can do here is to choose pain. Yes, we can choose pain. For instance- you can choose the pain of exercise or the pain which you’ll get due to lack of exercise. Choice is yours. But we can’t totally avoid pain. These are the basic nature of life which we have to accept to move on.

Time can heal every pain

When something misfortune happens to you, you feel devastated. You feel like ending your life or your life is equivalent to hell but in reality, life is beautiful because it helps us to heal our pain.

When you aren’t able to move on, just tell yourself that this too will pass and all you have to do is wait and watch yourself moving on.

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