How can women stand equal to men?

Men and women aren’t equal. No matter how much we argue, the difference is visual. Nature made us this way. There is a way, how a woman lives because she wishes to live that way and the same is for men. This is not problematic. But the problem arises when you discriminate among them.

Women are fighting a battle to get respect and opportunities just like men. But why do they need to fight a battle?

Just because nature made them unlike men?

Why do many parents feel their girl child is a burden? Obviously our society plays a very vital role and makes sure to create hurdles in their life. But many parents treat their children with love and provide them equal opportunities.


That is the reason why we are able to read and write. We are able to do things we wish for but many aren’t fortunate enough. So, what can we do to bridge the gap? Because women aren’t working or representing themselves as equal to men.



We need to develop soft skills as well as prepare ourselves mentally as well as physically. You need to accept the fact that many are going to stop you from achieving things in your life. But you need to keep going and not letting anyone stop you from being the best version of yourself.

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