How can sadness be a means of growth?

Sadness is an emotion just like pain or happiness. When we feel pain and are unable to control it then it becomes sadness which can make a person depressed. Sadness can make you feel void but do you know sadness can help in achieving your goal? It can help in growth.Want to know how it’ll work?


Sadness will tell you where you are lacking behind and there is something wrong in your system due to which you are feeling something missing in you.

There are many people who feel sad without any reason. They aren’t able to figure out the problem but they themselves know there is something they need to change.


Imagine you aren’t living a good lifestyle but it is not having any effect on you. Are you going to change your lifestyle? The probability is that you aren’t going to make any change in your lifestyle because it is not making any difference in your life.

When you feel sad, you know you have to change this to stop feeling it or at least you are going to make a decision to solve the problem. It is all about how you perceive things because you can learn from a negative person or situation or you can learn nothing from the one you desire to meet.

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