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How can pain act as your friend?

We often try to resist pain but do you know pain can act as your best friend. When you get pain? It may be physical and emotional too and sometimes we aren’t able to think beyond such pain. But do you know if you change your perspective, you can change the way you see things.

For instance – you don’t like exercise or any physical activities but when you exercise, you get pain. Here you can resist pain or stop exercising. When you resist pain then you’ll realise that it is helping you in becoming a better person in terms of health and mind.

So, don’t you think it is beneficial for you to have pain in your life?


Now, let’s see the other aspects too. Imagine you aren’t doing something in your life and you feel the pain. So, what this pain is trying to tell you? It is a signal that you need to change few things in your life. If you aren’t getting any pain then you won’t feel the need to change your life. Isn’t it?


Pain of Separation


We often consider the pain of separation as the worst pain because one can’t often overcome such pain. You are having an amazing life and suddenly you are seperated from your loved ones due to human or natural occurance. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to resist such pain but you have to accept it because it is better to accept the nature of life. We all are mortal and soon or later, we have to leave everything beside. One can understand that life is short. So, it’s better to enjoy it to the fullest without taking anyone for granted.


Here, the fear of pain is helping you to enjoy your life without taking anyone for granted because we people often take others for granted without even recognising it.

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