Emotion can make your life heaven or hell

Emotion is the juice of life. Your thoughts and emotions. Are interlinked with each other. Thoughts are dry and logical while emotion adds juice by acting ‘not logical’. You can’t live your life with 100% logic because there are many things in life which can’t be understood by logic. For instance- watch couples in a relationship.

They often act childish or their acts aren’t logical but it feels good and pleasurable to them. The feeling adds juice to their life. They feel vibrant, energetic due to that feeling.


A life without emotion is so dry that you’ll question your existence. But do you know your emotions have the power to make your life hell. For instance- You get a thought, if it is positive then you get positive emotion but when you get negative thought then your emotion would be negative.


You can’t live a healthy life with negative emotion because negative emotion leads to anxiety, stress and in extreme situations depression. So, it is crystal clear that the way you think is the way you feel.


Gautam Buddha said that a dry soul is the wisest soul. Here he intended to say that if emotions overpower you, then you will face many problems. So, we should know how to manage our emotions so life can be as beautiful as heaven.

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