Eat with distractions if you aren’t able to quit but do few things

We often hear that we should not eat with distractions and you promised yourself that I won’t watch movies or use your phone while you eat but then again you did the same thing. Now, your mind starts playing the game. You aren’t able to quit your habit but you do regret it. Regret is creating a mess and then definitely you are going to suffer physically and mentally.

Why aren’t we able to take small steps after which you can change the way you want to without much struggle?

So, let yourself eat with distractions but do these few things –


Eat slowly


Watch a video of long duration and tell yourself that you are going to eat until the video ends or alter as per your requirement. So, when you eat for a longer time with a limited amount of food then there is a probability that you will chew your food for longer.


Take a limited amount of food


If you live alone then cook a limited amount of food otherwise take a limited amount of food because when you eat with distractions you aren’t able to understand how much food is required for your body. So, when you eat a limited amount of food then you will automatically avoid overeating.


Eat salad or dahi first


Always add salad or dahi as per your requirement and eat them so that you will feel that you eat a sufficient amount of food without consuming much calories. In this way you will be able to eat without harming yourself.

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