Does your surroundings affect your personality?

What can be your surrounding? Is it out place, city, town, what you can call as surrounding. It can be any place or people you spend most of your time with. What we do the most defines who we will become?

Don’t trust what I am saying but one should analyse it by observing themselves.

For instance – Let’s point out any 5 qualities which you love the most about yourself and see whether those qualities resemble others? The answer will be ‘Yes’ mostly your family member would have any of such qualities and the same goes with negative traits.

Do you remember your school days? When our teachers used to always talk about parents’ upbringing. Earlier we were not mature enough to understand but now we can understand that our surroundings play a very vital role in our growth as well as our downfall.

We should be grateful that we are born in this era, we can’t choose our parents but we can choose other people with whom we can surround ourselves. It could be simply a book or any one whom we can cherish.

We need not to categorize people because we learn from everyone, we can learn the good traits from them and we can learn how to avoid negative traits. We can learn not to repeat any such mistakes.

Life is short and beautiful. So, why waste on trivial or frivolous things if we can utilize it the most.


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