Do you know who is the one behind your failure?

We often heard that ‘failure’ is the key to success but what kind of failure is key to success?

Failure can be your lesson when you learn from them but your mistake remains your failure when you don’t learn from them.

So, who is the one making your mistake as a part of your success story or your mistake as a set back. It is the one who is reading this article. Yes, it’s ‘You’ who is behind your success and failure. It’s the choice which we make which makes or breaks you.




Let’s take a few examples of choices which directly or indirectly influence our life. Many times we don’t even recognise that we have various choices and we are becoming our own hurdle. For instance – When we are going to sleep and mostly we don’t like sleeping early. So, we get two options or more. Either we can watch movies or read self-help books or read spiritual books or listen to podcasts or watch porn or party all night.

We have many choices. This era gave us various choices which sometimes acted as hurdles in our growth.

So, who is the one choosing for ourselves?

It’s ‘us’ who are the only ones responsible for our failure and success.


All situation and people are negative and positive


Yes, it’s true that every situation can be negative or positive, it is how we see and what we learn from them. Once again it’s ourselves who learn the negative traits as a result of which we keep ourselves away from people with negative traits. Once again, we can see that we are at fault. So, what we need to do is stop blaming others for our failure and try to accept it and learn from it.

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