Do you know the power of silence?

Many of us aren’t even comfortable with silence. So, you can’t understand the power of silence. First you need to be comfortable with silence. But how can you do that?

Simply sitting alone in silence is enough? Obviously it would be enough if you are at peace within. But many aren’t able to sit silently alone. So, in that case, we should use external force till we are comfortable with silence.


Power of Silence


Provides you clarity of mind


When you are silent and embrace the power of silence then soon you can observe that you aren’t having noise within. You can simply sit silently for hours without getting disturbed. You can think with clarity and your decision making power is also enhanced


Enhance creativity


When you embrace silence then you enhance your creativity because creativity comes from within. Your creativity can help you in all phases of life. You can think out of the box and can even do good in professional life.


No enemy within


When you are silent within and you act as a master of your mind rather than a prisoner then no one can confine you. You aren’t having conflict within yourself. So, if you have no enemy within yourself then no enemy outside can do you any harm.

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