Do we take the sufferings of zoo animals into consideration?

The Animals in zoos became the source of income for the state and the animals are paying a huge amount for the same. Many animals in the zoo are suffering through depression, anxiety and many become insane due to the confinement. Animals need an open area where they can move freely but many are confined in limited areas and people visit them. Mostly, they are fascinated and love to observe animals. Some show love and some treat their visit as a picnic. But the one who suffers are animals behind the bar. The zoo is more like a jail to them.

But we don’t even think about their sufferings. Do you actually take their sufferings into consideration?

We don’t even think that they can be depressed and fade out of the life they are living. Just like humans, they too are having a life and a right to live happily and freely but they aren’t having the capacity to think that’s why humans get the power and exploited every weak creature.

There is a saying that the powerful will exploit the weak. But is there any comparison between animals and humans? They have different life and requirements though we all are connected with each other.

Animals can’t speak to us but does this give power to humans to treat them in any manner? Whether it is about killing a pregnant animal or rape of cow, or any animal or confining them or brutally killing them, we never show kindness towards them.

A person becomes a human when he can think and act accordingly and not when he is acting in greed without understanding the difference between right and wrong or human or inhuman act.

This is the time when we need to understand that the zoo is not a picnic spot nor are any animals being protected in the zoo because they belong to the forest. The life of animals matter, the happiness of animals matter.

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