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Deep work is key to success

When you work without getting disturbed, or indulged in the work in such a way that not even a thought can disturb you then the work amounts to deep work. Our human mind is often considered a monkey mind because of its distracting nature. For instance – Generally, a prudent person who isn’t practicing meditation can’t sit silently for 5 mins. It’s pretty normal that he will get thoughts and even worst thing is we get distracted due to the same. Now, that we know the mind of humans, what should be our next step? Obviously we need to do something for the same. But what do we actually do? Go with the flow and never try to change things in life. We complain and most of the time, give up due to our own loopholes. However, we blame destiny.

Now, coming to the topic ‘Deep work’. Before going further, we need to understand why deep work is key to success?

When you work deeply without distractions or less distractions then you work effectively and efficiently. Ultimately leading to a better and balanced life. When you work deeply, you can see changes at your professional level.

But most of us know that deep work or work without distraction is good for us but we aren’t able to implement it. We often fail and then quit.

So, what should you do? Is it okay to fail?

The answer to the said question is in affirmative because it is okay to fail but it is not okay to give up. When you fail, you need to stop and analyse the reason for failure.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ that’s why you need to keep trying to work without distraction. No one can tell you what can work for you. So, you need to analyse a few things as per your personality traits.

And then observe whether it is working for you or not. For instance – Some are unable to stop themselves from using their phone. So, they can minimize it by 1 hours or listen to a song when they work. However, this may not work for others. So, it depends upon you. So, stick to what works for you and work without distraction to get the best out of our life.

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