Consequences of taking your health for granted

Most of us take our health for granted. Mainly during teen age, people don’t focus over what they eat but your body remembers what you did with it. And you get the consequences of the same. Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the disorders due to lifestyle. Females often suffer due to the junk food intake, lack of exercise, etc. Our body is meant to sweat and work hard physically too. But many who work on laptops or sit for hours don’t focus on their physical appearance. They don’t like to move, and its consequences are so deadly that it can take away your life. The global outbreak of Coronavirus clearly depicted the importance of health in our life. But how many of us learn from it?

Very few of us really make our health a priority and most of us started eating junk food again and like to remain in a cosy bed rather than getting up and going for a walk.

But do you know what would be the consequences of taking our health for granted?




When you are taking your health for granted then today, tomorrow or at any time, you’ll get to know that there is some problem in our body. Your body is not providing you the support because you were not listening to the body, you did not take care of your body and now you are suffering. When you want to study, you aren’t able to sit for a long time, people get hospitalized and even worse can happen.


Death Bed


When you are taking your health for granted then initially you won’t be able to feel energetic and that is the first warning that there is something wrong happening in your body. Then eventually if you don’t give attention and proper care to your body then you face more issues with your body. There comes a time when you are hospitalized and the worst is yet to happen. Just imagine, there are many people who aren’t able to come back to their home. We think that we have thousands of years left on this earth but the situation is different.

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