Why do most people remain mediocre?

‘Mediocre’ is a tag which people are enjoying these days. They want such a life only but when they were young, they used to believe they could do anything in life. Their dreams were limitless and they were fearless but with the passage of time, they started compromising with their life, their dreams became limited and then they remained mediocre. There are many reasons behind such a mentality and we’ll also read the solution for the same in this article itself.


Reason behind such attitude


Giving up


Manu people easily give up on their dream

They don’t act wisely and keep themselves calm at the time when they face failure. “Failure is key to success”. The real meaning of this quotation is the one who keeps moving forward after facing challenges and failure and learns from them, becomes successful and breaks all limits.

Solution – What we can do is to never give up on our dream. We need to have patience in our life and remain calm during the crisis.


Lack of clarity


People aren’t aware of what they want to do in their life as a result of which they lack clarity and then accept a mediocre life out of frustration. There are many instances when we witness that people aren’t doing what they want to do and they keep on switching from one thing to another which brings nothing but frustration and unsatisfactory life.

Solution – One can spend some time alone to get clarity of mind. Spending time alone doesn’t mean using the phone or being distracted on their own thoughts but it means being present at that time by meditation or chanting, etc.


Apart from this, there are many other reasons behind such attitude such as –

  • Impatience
  • Lack of confidence
  • Procrastination
  • Inconsistency
  • Don’t learn from your own mistake

We all commit mistakes and it’s alright if we do so. Even if we fail, it’s alright but what is not okay is to give up or not learn from our own mistakes or failure.

We can’t grow if we don’t learn from our mistakes. So, the very important thing which can help someone in breaking their own limits is “learning from their own mistakes”.

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