What should be the morning ritual according to Chanakya?

Everyone has different morning rituals: some check their phone as a first thing in the morning, some chant mantras, some smoke and everyone does their own stuff but that single thing can change their life completely. But how can the morning ritual change your life?

Is it because Chanakya said or because of the old saying or because it is mentioned in this article?

The morning ritual can change your life because it is the morning which generally decides how your day is going to be. An energetic morning leads to an energetic and effective day and an energetic and effective day leads to a fulfilling life.

Life is not complicated


Life is very simple and beautiful, we make it complicated by too much information and no solution. But Chanakya in his book, ‘Arthashastra’ mentioned the morning ritual which Radhakrishnan Pillai well explained in his book Chanakya in daily life. The rituals will help the person grow without making life complicated because life is not complicated, the confusion & chaos makes it look like.


Chanakya & his book ‘Arthashastra’


Chanakya in his book ‘Arthashastra’ said that a person should wake up early by the sound of a musical instrument. We can observe that when we have a bad dream then the whole day goes by like a hectic day. It’s because an effective morning leads to an effective day and life. So, how to implement the advice of Chanakya in our life?


Early to bed

It means one needs to sleep early so that they can get up early in the morning. Early to bed means eating early which also helps the person to remain fit as one should eat light dinner after sunset.


Avoid using loud music for alarm

In this era, most of us replaced the alarm clock with a digital alarm. We simply set an alarm on the phone. But did you know we have internal alarms too? Radhakrishnan Pillai in his book said that we have internal alarm which we can use by little practice by instructing our mind to listen to us. So, this is about the internal alarm. Now without delving further, we need to avoid using loud music instead one can use melodious music such as music related to nature, birds, etc.


Avoid Overeating

If we eat light food and avoid overeating or eating junk food then we won’t feel lethargic and will be more active.


Spread the happiness

We need to carry over a happy mood all day and spread the happiness to others. We need to have positive energy which helps others to uplift their mood. So, simply one can remain cheerful and greet everyone with a smile on their face.

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