What is the secret of a healthy relationship?

Before we delve into the secret, let’s understand what a relationship is. Relationship means connectivity. The word ‘relationship’ doesn’t bind you towards another person but also comes with certain rights and duties because where there is a right, there is duty.

We have a relation with ourselves which is quite different from the relationship which we have with others.

How we can have a healthy relationship with ourselves. It’s obvious when you would love sitting alone without any distractions, you’ll get to know that you are in love with yourselves. But the question is how it’ll be developed?

Meditation plays a vital role in developing a healthy relationship with ourselves. The other activities could be eating healthy food, going for a walk without distractions, following your passion and other things which are good for the soul at the same time.

The very second we accept ourselves and others as they are, we free ourselves from all exceptions which were binding us and made us prisoners of our own thoughts.

The one main difference is we can ourselves if we want to. But we can’t change others if we want to. So, the difference itself tells us the secret of a healthy relationship – “Accept the person as they are.”

Acceptance doesn’t mean accepting your bad habits and saying that you are happy that you drink alcohol. Earlier you wanted to change but now you’ll accept it as you are. No, it doesn’t really mean this way.

In a real sense, you have accepted yourself and are trying to change your bad habits with love.

You aren’t angry with yourself nor do you hate yourself. All you are doing is finding a way to change your habits.

In the same way, accepting others doesn’t mean you let them do anything. It means you inculcate a level of understanding towards them. If there is anything wrong between each other then both are peacefully talking about it and trying to change or solve the problems. These things come with ‘acceptance’ which is the secret of a healthy relationship.

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