What is the power of silence?

There is no greater enemy than the enemy within you. If a person is disturbed within then no other person can help me out unless he himself wants to improve their life.

Our generation is witnessing various problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc. There are various reasons behind it but one of the main reasons is addiction to technology such as phones, tablets, etc. We aren’t able to sit alone for a moment. We are depriving ourselves from the power of silence.


The values and principles are not inculcated within many people because we love to click pictures of food rather than praying. Mostly, we don’t thank anyone for the food but we post it on Instagram and other social media with tag #delicious food and so on but do we really appreciate it in person?


We need to question our own act before expecting to have peace in life.

These were the issues which we are facing but how can they be overcome? It’s the power of silence which helps the most in overcoming every problem.


A person needs to sit alone for at least 5 mins and then see the change in life. Such people can also add value in others’ lives because we can’t give happiness if we are not happy within ourselves.


It is not necessary to sit for an hour to get such a change in life. A little change can also bring a positive change in our life. All we need is consistency. If someone follows these simple steps, we can realise the power of silence and how it can bring peace in life.

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