Supply of first consignment of material as a gift by India to help Afghanistan

We all know the condition of Taliban ruled Afghanistan and the health situation is getting even worse as a result of which many states namely Qatar, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, send medical relief to Afghanistan. India also became part of the states who are helping during the deteriorating health situation in Afghanistan.

On 11th December, 2021, India sent the boxes which will be given to representatives of the World Health Organization which shall be administered at the Indira Gandhi Children Hospital, Kabul.

Apart from this, a very special note attached with the boxes with stickers which reads as “a gift from the people of India to the people of Afghanistan”

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar ensured that the consignment of material from India will be supplied to the general population of Afghanistan who are suffering due to harsh winter and breakdown of medical facilities.

He also observed that many people living in unsafe shelters also require medical assistance and help.

India is standing with the general Afghan population and refused to recognise the Taliban administration in Afghanistan. Apart from this, the Government of India evacuated 669 people as a part of Operation Devi Shakti. Out of 669 people, 448 were Indians working in Afghanistan on various projects and businesses and the rest 206 were Afghan nationals.

The supply of first consignment of material to Afghanistan is noted as the first event when India provided medical assistance to Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

Taliban dislodged the government of President Ashraf Ghani in August 2021 and thereafter took control over Kabul and we all are aware of the situation after the took over.

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