How can you discover your calling?

Life is heaven and hell at the same time, it’s the perspective, understanding and strength to overcome that decides the value of life. In this era, most of the people are not willing to understand each other, they don’t even understand themselves. So, it’s fair enough for them to not understand others.

We are going to the moon but are we going to help someone in the neighborhood?

The level of understanding needs to be imposed because every passing day is taking us a bit close towards our death. It is not possible to get back in time, for sure a person can hide their birth age but can you hide the same from nature or yourself?

Ask yourself what you’ll regret the most on your deathbed. Imagine you are on your deathbed, knowing that you’ll leave everything. Would you really think about haters, money, property, any materialistic thing or all you care about loved ones?

There are many who don’t even get the time to think before they die. They simply sleep and never wake up. So, aren’t we required to live a life without any regret?

But the question is how we can do this?

Now, that we know the problem, all we need is solution and follow it to get a peaceful life and no regrets on deathbed –

  • Have compassion and sympathy towards everyone.
  • Do everything which makes you happy. For instance – If you love to sing, manage your time and sing. Simply, it means give time to your passion.
  • Know your talent and skills and enhance it.
  • Be the best in whatever you do.
  • Be honest with your work and enjoy it.
  • Everything is part of life but taking care of the soul is of utmost importance.
  • Take care of your health, mind, and soul because everything has its own importance.
  • Meditation, yoga or physical exercise, helping others will contribute a lot in a peaceful life.


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