Examine your thought is the first step to change your thought

Louise Hay in her International Bestseller book – You can heal your life said that whatever we believe becomes true for us. It is true that whatever we believe becomes true for us but how many of us really know what we believe?

Do we actually know our thought patterns which we don’t even recognise?


Table of Contents

Financial Disaster

In the book, ‘You can heal your life’ the author said that if you have any financial disaster then most probably at some level, there’s belief you are unworthy of being comfortable with money.

For instance – If you get a certain amount of money but you aren’t comfortable with it which means you just keep spending it unless it is over. You aren’t ready to accept that you can keep money.


Relationship and Social Life

We often observe a thought pattern regarding friendship or relationship with parents, family, friends, spouse, etc.

For instance – You think nobody understands you, nobody loves you, everyone is taking benefits as per their convenience. There is a probability that no one will understand you or love you & you will ourselves make a shield of negative thoughts.


Work and Productivity

Many times, we don’t understand our own worth and think we don’t deserve anything as a result of which they stick to the job where they are underrated or unable to take risks due to their fear.


Solution –

  • Meditation can be helpful because it helps in knowing ourselves inside and out.
  • Mirror techniques are effective. One can stand and speak out aloud that he deserves happiness, wealth, health, etc in the mirror.
  • Believing in ourselves is a very effective way. When a person really understands their positive traits as well as negative patterns then he can make changes.
  • Peace of mind is very important because if a person is peaceful, then he can understand every situation and make changes in his life as per the need.


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