Are you going to sacrifice your identity for your profession just like Adam Harry?

Our individuality is all we have what you are as internally and externally defines who you are. But imagine the situation of a person who feels differently from inside. It feels like you are wearing the wrong cloth because the body is the cloth of the soul. So, if you wear the wrong clothes, then you’ll choose the right one. But you have to either choose your cloth or profession then obviously most of us will choose the cloth. In the same way, no one is going to sacrifice their identity for their profession.


Recently, in year 2019, Adam Harry got dame as the country’s first transgender trainee pilot. But now, after two years, he is working as a delivery person for Zomato. But what happened in the past two years that a pilot became a delivery boy for Zomato?


Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that Adam Harry is not fit to fly because he is on hormone therapy. When Adam Harry was filing the form, only two options were available. So, he marked himself as Girl because he was born as a girl but having physiological characteristics. So, he was on masculinising hormone therapy which is life long treatment. Due to which Mr. Harry didn’t sacrifice his identity for his profession.

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