1000 individuals of Cyber Crime have been arrested at Global level by Interpol and the Benefit of the operation.

Cyber Crime became such a crime that in many of the cases, accused themselves commits suicide and most of them face mental trauma because they aren’t even aware of the offender.

Cybercrime is the crime taking place online with computers, and other online media. The offenders are engaged in frauds like investment fraud, romance scam, money laundering, etc.

Romance scams are becoming very common among males in comparison to female counterparts.

With the rise in cases, Interpol coordinated an operation HAECHI II with more than 20 countries to crack down on Cyber criminals. The operation has shown a positive result as 1003 individuals have been arrested along with illicit funds that is $ 27 million and 1660 cases are closed after investigation.

The HAECHI II operation was conducted from June to September 2021, specialized Police units also participated and their main target was to crackdown on fraud related to romance scams, online gambling, investment fraud.

Benefits of operation ‘HAECHI II’ by Interpol –

  • After this operation, around 2350 bank accounts linked with online fraud were blocked.
  • 1003 individuals of Cyber Crime have been arrested
  • 1660 pending cases were closed after investigation.
  • Police were able to understand modus operandi, objects, devices and other methods used by criminals as Interpol has published multipurpose Notices for circulating such information.
  • The multipurpose notice also provides information about Squid Game which was issuing the name and brand of Netflix for online fraud as it is a malware laden mobile application with Trojan horse virus, which easily hacks user billing information and subscribes the paid premium subscription without the consent of the users.
  • The main focus was given to the Police Service and Banks because Police Officers can crackdown them and banks can freeze the transfers.

India is also part of this operation. So, we can focus on strengthening these two services to crackdown cyber crime in India.

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