Can you minimize child trafficking at your level?

We have the power to change the world but we don’t really take action to make a little change. There are many instances when you got the opportunity to add value in your as well as others life but you did nothing.

Now the question is are you aware enough to understand what is happening around you?

Sometimes, things are crystal clear but you aren’t aware enough to see them.

Child trafficking is the most heinous crime because a child is the future of the nation and if you are forcing a child to indulge in illegal activities then you are stopping the nation from growing.

We can minimise child trafficking at our level –


Keeping an eye


You need to keep a check over things happening around you and when you keep an eye over things then you become aware and the country needs an aware citizen. When you keep an eye over things around you then you can protect the children living around you.


Not ignoring the facts around you


If you keep an eye over things around you then is it enough? Obviously not. You need to take action too. You need not to ignore the facts and live your live as usual.


Stand against wrong


You should stand against anything wrong happening around you. In this way, you can minimize the wrong at your own level. If we are doing our best at our level then soon we will minimise the crime upto some extent.

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