Can we normalise wearing the same clothes?

Why do we consider wearing the same clothes as sin? What is the issue if we are repeating the same clothes? Do they look faded? Or you don’t want to wash them?

We better know the reason. You think – “log kya kahenge?” Am I right?

It is not totally your fault. I know many people are going to tell you that you were wearing the same clothes at other events. But why is this going to disturb you? Isn’t it good that your dress is pretty enough to remember? It is a matter of pride. Isn’t it?

So, let’s discuss it without any filter.


People will comment or say about your dress but you need not to focus on what they are going to say.

You won’t be able to live happily in your life if you are just going to think about others’ opinions.


Life is beautiful and short. So, are you going to live your life the way others want you to love? Or you will live as per your wish.

You can wear your clothes the way you want to. But not because someone wants you to not wear the same clothes. You aren’t buying them to wear just for once.

If you are going to care about all these things then soon you will realise that people are taking charge of your life.

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