Being called aunty isn’t age shaming.

We all read about the furore over Tejwani calling Shamita Shetty an aunty. She barely stepped into her forties and was given an aunty tag. Many people showed her sympathy and considered it age shaming. But is calling aunty amts to age shaming.


Many people feel disrespected when someone calls them aunty and the word itself is taken as disrespect by a section of people. But one needs to understand that aging is a natural process and time waits for no one. When you accept yourself for who you are then you aren’t going to feel any age shaming.


Are you ashamed when someone calls you sister? Or someone calls you by your age number in your twenties but when they do the same in your forties, you get offended. It has nothing to do with people but a lot to do within yourself.


There are many instances when people didn’t call you aunty to offend you but because they are habitual of the word ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’ from their childhood. So, they might call you aunty with respect.


We aren’t delving into the intention of people because we aren’t concerned with what they have to say. We should be more concerned about what is happening within us. If you accept yourself and understand that it is the nature of life, we are all going to be old. You can’t escape this stage unless you die at a young age.

So, if you are well-versed with this fact then you aren’t going to feel offended or feel age shaming when someone calls you aunty.

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