Beauty lies in the eye of beholder

Who is beautiful? The one with the perfect body and height and who will decide the perfect body and height? The one wearing untidy clothes but having a smile and golden heart? Or the one with fashionable clothes but ugly mind and heart. Who is going to decide Beauty?

We are different from each other, so is our interest. One likes someone with long hair while some like people with short hair. Everyone is different and their likes and dislikes are also different.

So, based on their likes and dislikes, they label people as beautiful and ugly. But is it good to do? Who gave you the right to label someone else? Are you perfect and even if you are perfect as per others norm, you don’t get right to label someone else.

When you judge others based on their appearance or any materialistic things, it doesn’t depict their nature. It depicts your nature and how you perceive life. It depicts what’s inside you and not what’s inside others. Because the one who is beautiful within sees the beauty in everyone else.

So before we categorize people based on their appearance or anything, we should understand that we are depicting our own value system and how we are within.

The paramount consideration should be given to someone’s value and how they perceive others. How they value others and not how someone looks. Because beauty lies in your eyes.

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