Are your problems imaginary or real & how to solve them?

We all are having so many problems in our life, some are imaginary and some are real. You need to understand what your problem is, then only you can solve it. We all know that setting priorities helps in the long term. But it can’t help you if you don’t know what the problem is. For instance – you have imagined that whenever you’ll go out on summer days, you’ll faint. Now, you are stressed and don’t want to go out. Is it a real problem? Obviously not. You need to understand that it is just your imagination and no one can help you in such situations unless you help yourself by telling you that this is not going to happen. You can take necessary steps rather than taking stress.


Analyse the problem


How will you understand whether your problem is real or imaginary? The only way to know it is by analysing it. Ask yourself does it happen in real or you are just predicting it?

When you will ask yourself, soon you’ll understand that you need to take action for real problems and ignore imaginary problems telling your mind about the same.


Categories them


You can’t solve all your problems at one time. You need to categorize them as per your priorities. When you prioritize them then there is a probability that you will solve them more effectively because you focus on one at a time.


Planning & Execution


Now that you have made a plan by analysing your problems and categories then you need to make a plan to solve your problem and execute them accordingly.

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