Are you responsible for dowry death?

Dowry is an act punishable by law. In the backlog, Parents used to give gifts to their daughter so that she can live her life peacefully but with the passage of time, gifts become compulsion. There are many families who don’t want a girl child because they don’t have money to give dowry. Many see girls as a burden because of dowry and there are many instances where women aren’t able to convince their parents and sometimes, their own family don’t cooperate with her. At last all she do is commit suicide because she is getting help from her family and she is being harassed because of the dowry.

But the question is who is responsible for such an act?


Is the family required to say no when the other party asked them to dowry or the girl herself need to say no to such marriage?

And what about those who witnessed the exploitation, harassment of the girl due to dowry? They aren’t standing for them against the miscreants.


So, don’t you think each and everyone who is not standing for the victim against the miscreant are responsible for such an act?

Whenever something happens neighbors are well versed with the fact, many even enjoy it as if it is a TV show. But they don’t act.

Generally, Family members are aware of everything but they ignore or avoid accepting the reality which hurts the victim the most.


When she commits suicide then we are ready to blame the miscreants. Aren’t we also responsible?

We are responsible for not standing against such an act. We are responsible for not saying no to such people. We are responsible for not lodging complaints against such people. We are responsible for making the victim feel alone and for not understanding her. We are responsible for not providing her a helping hand.

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