Are you going to die today?

Life is beautiful and temporarily painful because it can take away the most important person from your life or even you. But if you are alive it is going to give you purpose provided that you aren’t going to give up on your life. It is beautiful to enjoy life when things are in your favour. But aren’t we acting like an ungrateful person? We often take our relationship for granted, our body and everything around us for granted.


We don’t care whether the person or body is tolerating the most and when they stop tolerating then we understand their value. For instance, we often eat whatever we feel like without taking care of our body and it often tolerates, but when it stops doing it then we understand the value and on the hospital bed or even on death bed, we regret taking our body for granted.


We don’t know when we are going to die or if someone else is going to die. We don’t know which would be our last meeting. But we know now to live life to the fullest. So that you won’t regret it. Many who go to bed but never wake up. Are they aware of it? Obviously not.


What is the guarantee that it won’t happen with us too? There isn’t any guarantee, right?

So, whenever you wake up in the morning just be grateful for the life you have and remind yourselves that we are mortal and imagine that today is your last day and live your life to the fullest.

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