Are you getting right to be heard?

Audi alteram partem means let the other party be heard. It provides the right to be heard to the parties. But do you get the right to be heard?

How quick we become judge and pass a judgement after hearing a single party.


Just be honest and analyse yourself. Whenever you watch anything on Television, especially on media channels. How quickly you think that the other party’s at fault or you believe the victim to be true. However we aren’t sure who the real victim is.


Especially when we talk about the offences against women. There is no doubt that women have suffered the most in the past and they are still suffering. There are many people who still think that women should be confined within four walls and they don’t treat them equal to men. Many are victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual harrasment and so on. But does it mean that we will generalise everything?


It doesn’t mean that you will consider that every woman complaining about harassment or anything is depicting the right thing. One can’t blindly believe her and ignore the rest of the things.


There are some cases in which the accused gets 25 years. He was acquitted after 25 years and what do you think? Does he get justice?

However, he wasn’t convicted but most of the people became judges in his case and convicted him before any judgement.


He didn’t get the right to be heard. And there are many other cases in which the accused is actually the victim but no one gives him a chance to be heard.

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