Are efforts better than promises?

There are people who promise you to do things for you. Especially those cheese ones or when people started dating each other. Sometimes you won’t stop laughing after seeing the immaturity of people. But most people also love those things. Obviously you love such things that’s why the other party is doing it for you. But we want others to fulfill their promises but are we actually deserving it?

I ain’t saying that the person should cheat you or need not to fulfil the promise or if someone cheats you then you are liable for the same. No I ain’t saying any such thing in that context. But I need to admit that sometimes we don’t recognise the efforts made by the other party and ignore whatever they need for us but we do remember that they haven’t done for us.


There are many instances when you will remember that the person didn’t fulfill his or her promises. But are we loyal towards ourselves? How many of you often do things which you have promised yourself? We forgive ourselves and mostly never take promises seriously then why do most of us take others promises seriously or have too high expectations from others?


The reason is very simple: we don’t want to take accountability. If you are trying to fulfill the promises you did to yourself and did achieve it then you should appreciate yourself for the efforts and in the same way, you should appreciate the efforts of others rather than sticking to the promises.

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