Is justice served to the person who is acquitted after 23 years?

When any offence is committed, the person can lodge an First Information Report or Non Cognizable Report or lodge a complaint before Magistrate. But this is all about offence and victim. But what happens when a person didn’t commit any offence still he is charged for an offence. How will justice be served to that person? And what if he gets acquitted after 23 years? Recently a man was acquitted after 23 years for forgery of documents.


Do you think he got justice after 23 years?

Is justice served to him?

We all know that justice delayed is justice denied. Imagine the situation of the person who was accused of an offence, he never committed. He was charged for something he never did.

We all know the system of our country. How many cases are pending before the court and it is very difficult for a person to get justice on time especially to the weaker section of society.


We live in a society where people judge before becoming a judge. TV channels show things as if the person has committed the offense. No one waits till the judgement is delivered and here the judgement is delivered after 23 years. Is anyone going to provide him with his 23 years? No matter whether he was on bail or not, his life won’t the same after such allegation.

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