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Is Increase in trivial cases result in wastage of time?

Whenever we meet our childhood friends, we feel like it’s all about yesterday, as if we were sitting together and the very second we grew up. You know what it feels like? It’s because time waits for no one. There is a quotation ” time flies never to return”. The one thing which is taken for granted is not “relationship” or “money” or even “nature”. It’s “time” which is always taken for granted and the one who values time is valued by everyone.

We are taught science, maths, history by teachers but no one taught us how to create history. No one taught us how to value time but time itself reminds us of its own value.

Justice D. Y. Chandrachud also made an observation that frivolous matters waste the time of court.

Section 95 of Indian penal code

Section 95 of Indian penal code states that if any act causes or is likely to cause any harm which is so slight or pity that a prudent person won’t complain. The cases of trivial nature are not even entertained.

But Justice D. Y. Chandrachud noticed that 95% cases are frivolous in nature which creates dysfunction in the system. It was even observed by other authorities that advocates usually insistes the judges hear such matters. But it should be discouraged to save the time of the court.

We already know that in India, there are already fewer judges in comparison to the cases. There is a need to improve infrastructure, move no. of judges should be appointed. But inspite if this, more frivolous cases are pending to be heard. Due to such a scenario, cases of national importance remain pending. Everyone including the judges gets 24 hours, out of which they can hear a no. of matter; it is not possible for a judge to hear all matters unless they are robots.

Justice D. Y. Chandrachud also observed that if someone is wasting the time of court, it means he is wasting the taxpayers money.

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