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How to stop missing someone you love?



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Life is beautiful in its own way. It is a balance of happiness and pain. Sometimes we aren’t able to understand the nature of life. We want happiness but we don’t want pain. If you miss someone it means you have spent good time with them and it’s obvious that no one is permanent and everyone of us will be separated either by the act of God or by our own actions. But how you react is in your hand.

To be honest everyone can’t stop missing someone but by following a few steps you can minimise or use your energy in a better way.


Accept your feelings


There are times when we try to escape from our own feelings which creates conflict within ourselves. When you accept your feelings then only you can find the alternatives available or work on any problem.


Find your purpose


When you know what is the next step to follow then nothing can distract you for longer. We all need purpose in our life because without purpose we can go nowhere and keep thinking about others. When you have a purpose, even separation can do you no harm.


Need not to stay alone for longer


I often emphasize in my articles that one should stay alone to understand their own self but you need not to stay alone for longer especially when you miss someone. In that case, you can go to a park or temple or anyplace or meet your friends. Do things which make you happy.