How to deal with friends who betrayed you?

We live in an era where you get trustworthy people as well as people who betrayed you. They will act like they are your best friend and care the most about you but do many things behind your back against you. So, how to deal with such people?

Such friends are worse than your enemy. You don’t trust your enemy and know their nature and that won’t make you suffer. But when you trust your friend who betrayed you then that is one of the worst feelings then there would be some changes that you won’t trust people again. You won’t trust your friend and that would be the worst thing that can happen with anyone. But how you should react to such a person?


Forgive them


It’s difficult to forgive them but you need to do that for your mental peace. There is more probability that the one who betrayed you won’t be going to say sorry or even if they said sorry then you don’t mean it, if they were your friend then won’t be doing such thing.


Learn from your mistake


You need to learn from your mistake because you are going to meet such people who will cheat you and you need to learn from them. If you don’t learn from your mistake then there is a probability that you’ll face such situations again and again.


Treat them with your silence


Silence is the most powerful tool in all situations. Especially when you need to avoid someone or are unable to understand how to react.


Be aware


You need to analyse the sign because everyone will show you some sign to make you aware. It’s us who ignore those little signs because we trust the person. If you are aware and still betrayed by your friend then there is a probability that the person won’t be able to harm you much.

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