How silence can enhance your creativity?

Who doesn’t need creativity? Whether you are working in any office or running your own business, you need creativity to think out of the box. But creativity is not something you can buy or learn. It comes from within. When you are calm and see things with positive aspects then there is a probability that you will improve the level of creativity.


How silence can enhance your creativity?



Can you be creative in the midst of a crisis? Obviously not, you need a calm mind and not worried. Life will throw challenges to learn from them but it’s you who will decide whether you want to be stressed and worry about things which are not in your control or focus on things which you can control. You can think in such a way only when you are calm. Here silence play a very vital role in making you feel calm.


Clarity of mind


When you are distracted by too many things then you won’t be going to be creative. Just imagine you are sitting and trying to write something but getting distracted by some horns or noise, would you be able to write? Obviously not, so this is all about external noise. There is internal noise too which often distracts you from things you have to be focused on. When you aren’t focused how you’ll be creative?


Make you think out of the box


Mediation plays a vital role in making you think out of the box. Because you need to sit in silence and embrace it through Mediation or any other way. When you are sitting alone in silence, you can understand in and out of everything. When you have clarity in whatever you thought, then there is a high probability that you will think out of the box.

I have mentioned some of the benefits of silence. But the benefit of silence isn’t restricted to a few things only. The more you embrace silence and learn to live alone, the more you’ll be able to organise your life and live with others happily.


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