Can you get reservation after inter caste marriage?

Marriage is a sacrament in Hindu religion, it is believed that the whole family along with two people gets close to each other. But there are many instances where people who love each other are compelled to leave each other because of the norms, culture barrier, family pressure and so on.


It is an undeniable fact that every human is a social animal and they will get attracted towards each other. They can’t control their attraction based on caste, color, sex, religion.

If by chance the family accepts the proposal and they marry each other in inter caste. Then is society going to accept them?

There are many instances around us where people boycott such couples even after the acceptance of their families.


Then how will someone survive? Many a time they leave their native place just to get rid of such behaviour and surroundings.

So, in case you married someone of Lower caste, are you going to get a reservation?


Dr. Neelima v. Dean of P. G. Studies A. P. Agriculture University, Hyderabad
(AIR 1993 SC 229)

Fact – a girl belonging to Reddy caste which is considered as upper caste married to a Yerukala Tribe boy of Schedule Tribes. The boy was from the state of Andhra Pradesh and was entitled to get the benefit of reservation.

Issue – is the girl entitled to get the benefits of reservation?

Held – Supreme Court held that the girl is not entitled to reservation even if she marries a boy belonging to Schedule Tribes.


There were many cases where the person married in an inter caste such to get a reservation and this judgement is a forward step to minimise the misuse of reservation.

It also helped in getting the right person reservation because if someone who doesn’t deserve reservation gets it then the one who deserves won’t get the benefits as the seats are limited.

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