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Russian President Vladimir Putin might have highest wealth in Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin might have highest wealth in Europe

Former insiders from Russian government have revealed some astonishing details about the wealth owned by President Putin. Vladimir Putin recently topped the list of world’s most powerful person and looks like he can be part of the world’s richest list as well.

According to the leaked details on the Wikileaks, the Mr Vladimir Putin owns palace on the coast of the Black sea which he built for $1 billion. Sergei Kolesnikov told the press that he used to work for the government back then. He was assigned the task of collecting money from the rich which was supposed to be spent on the healthcare.

The palace was constructed by the money which was transferred from the offshore account. The construction activities completed during the Vladimir Putin ’s term as president, the BBC revealed. The pseudo name and identity was used to complete the transactions. Lirus Investment Holding conducted all the transactions which was owned by Vladimir Putin himself.

The Russian leader which has strong popular support also has additional investment of $440 million. Vladimir Putin’s former associate Sergei Pugachev has informed the press that he was obsessed with wealth from the beginning. He further added that he wanted to leave the office as a wealthy man.
Meanwhile public financial records submitted by Vladimir Putin paint totally opposite picture. He comes across as a man of modest income with $119,000 earnings during 2014. His records show that he owns two apartments and part ownership in the parking garage facility.

The experts also saida that the Russian president’s public financial records are understated. In 2007, a CIA report noted that he has wealth of $40 billion. His past in the KGB, infamous spy agency of Soviet era may have been very helpful to him in hiding wealth as he only gets salary of $110,000 annually.
The revelations have left many questions unanswered about Russian President Vladimir Putin ’s wealth and his empire.