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Russia and India: Two nation one goal

Their friendship dates back to the 1950s. Though these two nations have their differences in culture, religion and tongue it seems one thing binds them together for over the years and that is their effort in striving to make a better future for their nation
Over the past few years India has been a regular client of USA and Israeli arms but Russia has always been the No 1 supplier with roughly 75% of the total imports coming in from India’s old ally
This 15th annual India Russia summit looks forward to promotion of bilateral economics, co operation in the field of trade and investments, oil, diamonds and defense
The talk which was held at Hyderabad house is likely sign off 15-20 pacts.

Russia is the highest importer of rough diamonds and is said to look into improving its supply to India
The two nations also agreed to set up the construction of 20 to 24 nuclear units against the previously agreed 14-16 plants in the next 12 years with two already set up at the kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant
India’s export of food items to Russia have gone up ever since Russia were imposed with a sanction because of its intervention in the Ukraine crisis
Also listing in its joint strategic projects, Putin is said to promote Russian Sukhoi superjet-100 and MS-21 passenger aircraft as well as manufacturing of helicopters and helping in the creation of a smart city.

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