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Radhe Maa: God or Fraud

In a fresh turn of events, an FIR has been lodged against the self proclaimed goddess Radhe Maa. Police enquiry is still going on and no one has been arrested yet
Ever since being introduced to the world of spirituality at the age of 23, Radhe Maa as they call her lived up to her title as she has been doing all the right things; Satsangs, healing the sick, helping the depressed and more satsangs. However it was not going to be always this way for the goddess
Earlier in July this year a woman named Nikki Gupta lodged a case against her and her 7 other inlaws including her husband on a dowry case. She claimed that Radhe Maa whom her inlaws follow instigated them.
Adding to that a video which showed Radhe Maa being carried around by her devotees during satsang went viral online. A complaint was lodged against her fot obscenity, fraud and cheating by Falguni Brahmbhatt an activist lawyer. There has also been reports that the self proclaimed goddess used to allow her followers to hug and kiss her.
But the photos posted by Rahul Mahajan showing the goddess posing in a red mini skirt beat them all.
One of her own follower and loyalist Sanjeev Gupta to this day still argues about the authenticity of the video claiming it to be doctored and the images posted by Rahul to be morphed.
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